1 Engr. Prof. C.C. MbajiorguDOWNLOAD CV Professor Soil & Water Engineering
2 Engr. Prof. W.I. OkonkwoDOWNLOAD CV Professor Food & Bio-Processing Engineering, Renewable Energy
3 Engr. Dr. E.A. EchieguDOWNLOAD CV Senior Lecturer Farm Structures & Environmental control Engineering
4 Engr. Dr. UgwuishiwuDOWNLOAD CV Senior Lecturer Farm Structures & Design
5 Engr. Dr. C.C. AnyadikeDOWNLOAD CV Senior Lecturer Soil, Water & Aquacultural Engineering
6 Engr. Dr. S.L. EzeohaDOWNLOAD CV Senior Lecturer Food & Bio-Process Engineering
7 Engr. Dr. AnyanwuDOWNLOAD CV Senior Lecturer Food & Bio-Process, Renewable Energy
8 Engr. Dr A. O. AniDOWNLOAD CV Senior Lecturer Power systems, Machinery & Mechatronics Engineering
9 Engr. Dr. Joel NwakaireDOWNLOAD CV Lecturer I Power system & Machinery Engineering
10 Engr. Ezenne GloriaDOWNLOAD CV Lecturer I Soil & Water Engineering
11 Engr. F. U. AsoiroDOWNLOAD CV Lecturer I Food & BioProcess Engineering
12 ENGR. O.A.NWOKEDOWNLOAD CV Lecturer I Farm strutures & Environmental control
13 Mr. O. OnyekwereDOWNLOAD CV Lecturer II Food & BioProcess, Renewable Energy
14 Mr. B.B. UZOEJINWADOWNLOAD CV Lecturer II Power systems and Machinery Engineering
15 Mr. Okey Obi FrancisDOWNLOAD CV Lecturer II Power, Food & Bioprocess Engineering & Renewable Energy
16 Mr. OGWO VINTUSDOWNLOAD CV Lecturer II Soil & Water Engineering
17 Engr. S.N. UgwuDOWNLOAD CV Lecturer II Farm structures & Environmental Engineering
18 Mrs. Aneke NneomaDOWNLOAD CV Lecturer II Food & Bioprocess Engineering
19 Mr. Ndulue Emeka LeonardDOWNLOAD CV Lecturer II Soil & Water Engineering
20 Engr. C.J. ohagwuDOWNLOAD CV Lecturer II Food & BioProcess Engineering
21 Engr.. Okechukwu Michael EDOWNLOAD CV Lecturer II Soil & Water Engineering
22 Mr. Abada Ugochukwu-DOWNLOAD CV Lecturer II Food & BioProcess Engineering
23 Miss K.C. EkwunifeDOWNLOAD CV Graduate Assistant Food and BioProcess Engineering
24 Mr. Valentine Cyprian OkonkwoDOWNLOAD CV Graduate Assistant Food & BioProcess Engineering